A/B Testing was yesterday. Meet

Know Exactly What Influences Your Conversion Rates, And How Much.


Easily Find The Best Performing Version

Get much higher precision and detail than Multivariate Testing. Even on low traffic.

Don't Need More Traffic

BestVersion uses an elaborate mathematical approach, that extracts conversion insights from mixed features-data. It allows us to work on much lower traffic. Avoid the traditional brute-force multivariate tests.

Higher Precision

Know exactly what features and variations influence your conversion rates, and how much. BestVersion delivers results that would only be reachable by running hundreds or thousands traditional A/B-Tests.

Detailed Insights

Intuitively find optimization vectors for your conversion rates. Everything is packed in a self-explanatory management report, ready for the printer and for your implementation. Easy, simple, direct.

Focus On Details, Get Higher Conversions

Any detail on your page may have a significant effect on your conversion rates. A/B-Testing is a naive and clumsy approach of testing two pages against each other, without exploring the reasons. One of the two may work better, but it is not the best possible version.
On your right you see a page simulation. 6 features - each has 4 variations - leading to 4,096 possible sites! Only BestVersion will tell you: which combination is best, what parts of it, why and by how much. On low traffic.
Sizes, contents, colors, images, structure, position, pricing,... everything is testable - even with multiple goals!

Highest Conversion At Low Cost

A/B-Tests treat each element in isolation. BestVersion also tests interdependence of elements and finds the best converting option.

24 / 4,096
combinations tested in A/B Split Test / possible combinations (possible sites)
96,000 $ 48,000
visitors necessary for the A/B Split Tests
16,000 $ 8,000
visitors necessary to find the optimum with BestVersion among all combinations
$ 40,000
money saved to find the best converting version

Strategic Advantage By Understanding Your Customer

BestVersion does not only deliver the best performing version of a site, but also gives you detailed insights into the reasons.

The report shows you exactly which features and which of their variations have more impact on your conversion rates (and quantifies their ratings). As a result you get insights into what motivates your customers and how much.

Some of this insights could be used to make strategic decisions about your marketing mix - and not just your online marketing!

Also, in the near future BestVersion will be able to give you advice on market segmentation - where it makes sense and why.

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BestVersion is an exclusive tool and service. Limited to selected clients.

Detailed Management Reports

Results, advices and estimations are presented and explained in interactive management reports.